Dinasour poo

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I decided to pour myself some bourbon and write about our recent vacation. Mrs. Alphageek decided to come visit me one weekend in between working. We had a lot of fun taking in the sights where she grew up. Some folks think where she grew up is a society area, but she claims it was not so. We saw some really big houses around the corner where she grew up, but she says they must be new.

I once called Mrs. Alphageek and exclaimed into the phone "there's poo everywhere!". A dog pooed in the yard and I stepped in the poo. It was cold outside (good) so I did not smell the poo. Once I got in the car and the car heated up (bad) the poo began to smell very bad. That is when Mrs. Alphageek got the call.

In honor of this phone call, I took this picture at the Franklin Mineral Museum in Franklin, NJ. This is a picture of poo fossils. I took several more that I will be posting later, so you may wish to check back later for more information.