How to post a comment!

Ok, it must be harder to post a comment than I thought. The Alphageek has received several questions along the line of "How do I post a comment"? I tried to find a link to a guide to posting comments online, but nobody has made one that I can find. Try not to feel bad if you need this guide, that is why I am the Alphageek and you are not. You should try to ignore the fact that it only takes about 4 or 5 mouse clicks to post something and that I have turned off as much security as possible.

If these instructions are unclear, I am sure I will hear about it.

Step 1. Click on "Comment" below the post you are reading.

Step 2. Type your witty saying in the box that says "Leave your comment". It should look like the example below. See where it says "You can use some HTML tags.."? If you are reading this guide, please forget about HTML tags.

Step 3. Type the word above the box that says "word identification" into the box "word identification". In this example that would be cdcgprbz. Please remember that the word is case sensitive. Case sensitive means you need to use upper and lower case, also known as big and little letters.

Step 4. This is the one step that seems to trip everyone up, so please pay special attention here! See "choose identity"? If you need this guide, just click on "anonymous". You will know that you have done this step correctly when the circle next to anonymous turns green. The other ones are for some day later. You can decide when later is.

Step 5. You are almost home! Simply press the big orange "publish comment" and your post will be shown for the world to see!

I hope you liked learning how to post comments!