Maker's Mark

Several years ago, Mrs. Alphageek consented to go on a vacation with me to Bourbon country in Kentucky. For those of you who don't know, that is where they make bourbon whiskey. While we were there, we got to drive around some beautiful places and see some interesting sights. One of those interesting places was the Maker's Mark Distillery. I think she was trying to get me to buy new furniture too.

They make their bourbon an original way. While I could bore you with a lot of facts and figures about how they make their bourbon, I don't think that is what makes for a fun web page. You can read that kind of stuff on their web site. (In case you have not figured it out, just click where it says Maker's Mark to see their web site.) If for no other reason, this bourbon is great because many casinos in Las Vegas give away Maker's Mark to their patrons who are gambling. The fact that it was a great find in Vegas makes it even better. This means the Alphageek might have had this bourbon once or twice.

When you stop by the Maker's Mark Distillery, they give you a really neat tour of the whole place. You get to see the entire process for making bourbon. While on the tour, I noticed that something was wrong with the bourbon making process. They needed the Alphageek to help save the bourbon! I proceeded to try to help correct the machinery. This moment was captured on the security camera here for you to see.

After this occurrence, I was asked if I might be more interested in taking in the gift shop instead. They told me a hands on guy like myself could have some fun there. We proceeded to leave the security guards behind and head to the gift shop. When I arrived, I found out what they had in store for me. I was allowed to dip my own bottle of bourbon into the distinctive plastic that gives Maker's Mark its distinctive red covered look. This picture shows me happily posing with my new bottle, the unpleasantness of the earlier incident forgotten. I don't think Mrs. Alphageek has forgotten, but she says I made the whole thing up anyway.

Finally, here is a more artistic picture of my bottle of Maker's Mark at my house. I still have not had any because I am afraid to destroy the fine job I did of dipping my bottle. Enjoy some bourbon today!