Its not Bourbon!

I walked over to my bourbon cabinet to pour myself a drink. Much to my dismay, several bottles are almost empty! I think the cleaners are drinking my bourbon, or maybe someone is breaking in while I am working and drinking my bourbon. Mrs. Alphageek says I just don't remember how much I poured for my last bourbon.

I was thinking of finishing one of the bottles, but I need to keep the bottles to take pictures for this blog. After all, I need something to write about and empty bottles don't seem very interesting. Come to think of it, almost empty bottles are not very interesting either, but making them almost empty is pretty fun. Mrs. Alphageek says that I can't keep empty bottles around the house, so I have to leave a little bourbon in the bottle so I don't have to throw away the bottles.

I started digging around the bourbon cabinet and found a curiosity. I found a dark brown liquid that is not bourbon! I took a sniff and found that it smelled similar to, but not exactly like, the best thing to come out of Kentucky. It is called Bernheim's Wheated Whiskey. Ok, so whiskey is not necessarily bourbon, but bourbon is whiskey. This Bernheim's stuff caused me to ponder, am I allowed to drink this and write in Alphageek's Thoughts? After all, I said I was writing about bourbon and Bernheim's is not boubon. I took a sip and decided that even if Bernheim's is not bourbon, I am now ready to judge it sound. This fine drink is not even available in Virginia. The bottle I am enjoying came from New Jersey, where the liquor laws are a little different.

The wheat gives this drink a very even taste profile. That's fancy talk for it goes down very easily. I recommend that you click on the provided link to read more about this interesting drink. I could just cut and paste from the Bernheim's web site like some other blogs out there, but I think you are smart enough to just go there and read if you are interested. At any rate, grab a bottle of this whiskey and enjoy. If you are looking to purchase a present for a friend or loved one, this would make a fine addition to the bourbon cabinet.