Are you kidding me?

Q: Will the next article be on a not-so-basic tailgate set up?

Last time the Alphageek checked, satellite tv is not something most folks have at their tailgate. Perhaps when we attend YOUR tailgate party for playing YOUR arch-rival, you can show us YOUR tailgate setup and the setups of the fine folks we will see there. The Alphageek would like to see someone setup a satellite dish with a tie on.

Q: I agree -- it's time to get more detailed about your preparation.

For example, it's crucial to make sure to have a fun rotation of guest tailgaters to keep things exciting. Music is also very important; I have several iPod tailgate-specific playlists and a set of iPod speakers to keep things peppy and festive.

You don't need that crap if you have satellite tv at your tailgate. Music is a substitute for not having tv, unless you are playing Enter Sandman. The Alphageek reminds you that you would not even have a tailgate tent if not for the Alphageek.

Apparently, there is serious demand for tailgate information. The Alphageek looks forward to an exchange of information on the tailgates from the posters. After all, he will be attending their fine tailgate parties and looks forward to seeing how tailgating is done. Perhaps he can learn about milk parties and fighting cock actually being a good bourbon.