Alphageek visits another tailgate!

This is something the Alphageek wanted to do for a long time: attend a tailgate between two rivals other than the one he roots for. The Uva-UNC game has been described as the biggest rivalry for Uva. Additionally, the Alphageek gets to visit another school and see how they do it up right!

Our party arrived at about 11:30 am for a 3:30 kickoff. Uva has one thing going for it: parking. The parking was rather generous and free. We were easily able to park in a parking lot four hours before kickoff. We picked out a parking place and said hello to our fellow tailgaters in this picture on the left. The crowd seemed pretty fired up for a big rivalry game, and we joined in the raucous pre-game activities.

I assisted my Wahoo friend as she set up her tailgate. It was a fine tailgate consisting of big sandwiches, which are welcome at any tailgate party, as far as I am concerned. A little bit more unusual is the wine and cheese at a tailgate. While the Alphageek felt that wine would not mix well with bourbon, he will admit the cheese actually makes a solid contribution to the tailgating activities.

We ate well, and spent some time playing cornhole, which was pretty fun. Playing a game kept us from worrying about setting up the tailgate tent, the power generator and the satellite dish. It also made packing up and leaving a snap, and we decided to take a leisurely walk to the game.

While walking to the game, we stopped by the beta bridge. While paining a message outside is a little hard for the Alphageek to relate to, the message on the bridge was easily understood, at least from one aspect. Anything with whiskey on it must be pretty good, so the Alphageek took this picture and wondered what the real message was.

A few minutes later, the Alphageek's insatiable curiosity about the Whiskey Rebellion was satisfied. The message on beta bridge was not some snooty history reference, instead it was an advertisement to come hear a band. The Alphageek was quite surprised and impressed that Uva would let a bluegrass band play on campus. They were quite good and you should go hear them if you get the chance.

Moving along, we entered the stadium. The Alphageek was quite impressed with the handful of mini-bottles of bourbon that the had been seized at the gate. The Alphageek certainly hopes that the bourbon did not go to waste.

We spent a day watching a football game that was a snoozer, until the last two minutes . The game woke up as it went into overtime, which resulted in a Uva win. Students stormed the field, and gave the game the intensity of a rivalry game at the end.

At the end of the day, we returned back to the car to drive home. It was certainly an experience that only the Alphageek would write about in a blog.