Blade Runner and Bourbon

This is one of those entries that get started something like this:

"Did you know Blade Runner is one of the greatest movies ever made?" and Mrs. Alphageek says "That's nice. Why don't you write about that on your web site? I have to go stick knitting needles in my ears now."

I could sit here and write a really ordinary article about the movie. I am not going to do that. If you are interested in that kind of approach, you should go google "Blade Runner" and get other opinions. I am here to give you unique content and what is better than my thoughts about a movie like Blade Runner?

You should really get the newest version of the movie, Blade Runner: Final Cut. The picture is of the version that I purchased. It comes in a special VK case with all the goodies packed inside. You probably don't need all of that, unless you are the Alphageek.

This version has all of the problems corrected. Again, you can use google of more information. The visuals are especial great on blu ray. A movie like this is why someone like me has a high definition tv, blu ray player and surround sound setup. All of these things make watching the movie a pleasure. Years of engineering experience really pay off when that experience comes together to watch a movie like this.

This movie is one of my all time favorites and it holds up timelessly. I you have ever gone back and watch Star Wars A New Hope and wondered why the light saber battles are better in the first three Star Wars movies than the second, or had to explain that discrepancy to your children, then you may be able to appreciate the timeless special effects of this movie. Because of the understated use of special effects, this movie ages very well and does not cause laughter when viewed all these years later. Besides, any movie set at night gets a point or two right out of the gate.

The main character, Deckard, sure drinks a lot in this movie. It seems to be maily dark brown liquids, so we will go with bourbon. I guess I would drink a lot too if it were my job to "retire" human that look and act like androids. I decided to watch the movie and count how many drinks the good Deckard has. I lost count very quickly. He drinks numerous amounts and his abode is full of bottle of various kinds of booze.

A final question: is Deckard a human or a replicant? The director made the movie thinking he was a replicant, but that has never worked for me. Being the Alphageek, I look at the question this way: why would someone make a replicant to hunt other replicants that keeps getting its butt kicked by the replicants it hunts? That is pretty bad engineering. The kind of engineering that gets you fired. Why not take the poll and let your voice be heard?