Evan Williams Egg Nog

Evan Williams Egg Nog
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This bottle (you can click on the bottle, just like all of my pictures, for a bigger picture) was a present from my father-in-law, Big Dick. It is okay, he said to call him Big Dick. Evan Williams Egg Nog (EWEN) saves you the trouble of mixing your egg nog at the Christmas season. Given the amount of discussion about how I mixed egg nog last year, this may be a great something to bring to a Christmas party. As the name implies, everything is all mixed together for you. No work at all. Although the premixing takes some of the fun out things, premixing will help eliminate discussion of the strength of drinks.

A minor disappointment EWEN is that it includes other liquors besides bourbon. Perhaps this will help give the drink a more mellow character.

I found EWEN to be an interesting and fun drink. Not something I would have all of the time, but certainly a treat around the Christmas season. It will certainly give you that warm holiday feeling inside.

I added an extra shot of Evan Williams Single Barrel, just to bring it up to standards.