Manhattan Bianco Testimonial

Recently, I bemoaned the fact that none of you are looking at my "Bourbon in the News" plugin over on the left hand side of the page. Okay, turn your head a little and take a look, I will wait.

Did you enjoy that? I think there is some useful information over on the left hand side. Recently, I came across a modified Manhattan drink recipe. Manhattan recipes are sort of like Martini recipes. There are multitudes of variations out there, but the classics rarely go out of style. This modified drink recipe (You need to click the underlined text to see the recipe, that is the way the internet is supposed to work. Standard user interface and the such.) originally attracted my attention because it calls for a twist of lemon in the drink. Realizing that my father-in-law Big Dick likes lemon peel in his Manhattan, I immediately emailed him the link you clicked on earlier. By now, you should know I am allowed to call him Big Dick. Knowing that he has tried his drink, I will turn the next paragraph over for a rare guest spot here on Alphageek's Thoughts.

"Just wanted to share this with both of you. I'm on my 3rd Bourbon Manhattan with Bianco Vermouth, 2 last Sunday and one today. I'm getting to like this combo! But you have to make it at least equal parts or heavier on the Bianco Vermouth + 6 to 8 ice cubes in a rocks glass that will accommodate at least 6 or more ounces."

Thanks for that glowing review, Big Dick.

I just wanted to point out that "Bourbon in the News" can do more than provide eye exercise. "Bourbon in the News" can also expand your culinary horizons too. Thanks to this review, I am going to have to go find some Bianco Vermouth myself and give this drink a try.