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Foamhenge is one of the best kept secrets in Virginia. I did not even find out about Foamhenge while in the fine Commonwealth of Virginia. I was in New Jersey, waiting for a coworker to pick us up for dinner. While we waited to occupy our time eating, as people on travel for work often do, we took a look at the tourist brochures in the lobby. I picked up some sort of useless item, while another coworker says, "Hey look at this, a replica of Stonehenge made of
foam." He then noted it was in Virginia. He then laughed and said Foamhenge was right off of I-81. Hey don't you go that way when going to Virginia Tech?

I thought for only a moment, and then said that I would stop by on my next trip and give everyone a report.

Foamhenge is another of my favorite kind of places to stop when traveling. You stop, take a few minutes, and look around. You maybe take some pictures. You then leave shaking your head going "you can't see that just anywhere". This description is pretty much how things went. We probably spent about eight minutes looking around, before we got back in the car and drove the rest of the way home.

I gave my coworkers the same review I am going to give you. You can't see Foamhenge just anywhere, so you better stop. Take your children, while they are young, and they will enjoy the wackiness. Wait untill your children are older, and they will mock your wackiness.