Top Memories

This is an entry that has been bouncing around for a while. I thought about writing it after this year's Nebraska game, but moved the idea to the back burner for various reasons. Given that "performance" by the VT football team last Thursday, I thought it might be good to give my top memories of Lane Stadium.

This list could include a lot of things that it does not, so I will just hit on a few things. My first VT-UVA game, my first game as a member of the MVs, my last game as a student and MV, the coldest game, my first game and other such things were games I contemplated, but did not go with. I am sure I could come up with many other interesting lists. Instead, these are games and moments, you might or might not see on other lists. I make only one promise on Alphageek's Thoughts and that is that you will get original content from me. So here you go, the top moments I remember from Lane Stadium.

Number 5

Virginia Tech vs. East Carolina September 1, 2007.

I am still not sure I want to include this game, but it kept coming back on to the list. I certainly hope nobody has to go to a game like that ever again. I certainly think it was the most difficult game for any Hokie to ever go to. On the other hand, I am sure every Hokie felt he or she needed to be there. I know I felt that way.

Number 4

Virginia Tech vs. Syracuse October 16, 1999

This game is significant for several reasons. One is the score 62-0 will get the blood going. This was also the first game that Mrs. Alphageek attended. Before that, she was simply the Alphageek's girlfriend. Once the Alphageek found a loyal woman to go to the games with him, he decided to make her a member of the family. She is sill the only family member that is a Hokie besides the Alphageek. An additional bonus: the Marching Virginian's were doing their 25th anniversary that year. We were down on the field before halftime, which made that game an extra treat. I can still taste the electricity in the air from that day.

Number 3

Humes outruns the entire Uva defense, November 27 2004.

Entering this game, Virginia Tech could clinch a tie for the ACC Championship with a win, but that is not the only story I remember going into this game. UVA was bragging that their linebackers were the best that ever played college football and that Virginia Tech could not handle them. I think I am going to let the attached video do the rest of the talking.

Number 2

VT vs. Nebraska, September 19 2009

Virginia Tech wins in a thrilling final minute touchdown. I am not sure that anything other than watching the entire game can recapture the energy, but give this video a try.

Number 1

Virginia Tech vs. Clemson, September 23 1999

Of all the dates, this is the only one I know by heart. This would be my final game without a Mrs. Alphageek. That's right, this is the game I often joke of as our wedding day. Fortunately, Mrs. Alphageek is okay with some humor. I don't know that I can remember a defensive player taking a game over like this, but Corey Moore did the job that night. This game still brings a smile to my face and you can watch the highlights right here.

Note: Looks like the video is not working! I will come back and fix this, if the video starts working again on youtube. Update: I got it working, but you will have to click the HQ icon in the lower right hand corner of the youtube video frame.

Number 0

September 25, 1999

Okay, only the Alphageek would end an article with 0, so I guess it better be good. This moment did not occur with crowds there, or the lights on. Indeed, somebody left the gates open and there were a few groundskeepers around that day. Yes, this the real wedding day. One of the first places we went was Lane Stadium. We had a great time taking some pictures, and it was good enough to get our picture in the alumni magazine, earning us our own little piece of Virginia Tech history. Click on the link here and scroll about halfway down the page to read the article.

So there you have it, my top memories of Lane Stadium. Want to argue? Use the feedback function and leave a message right here!