The Move

As I write this, I sit in the middle of what will some day be a glorious office. This room has its own private doors and some great windows that look out into the woods surrounding our house. Inside this room, the story is not so good. I see a room with great potential, but right now it is a disaster area. There are boxes everywhere, my computer is on a folding table, and I don't even have speakers set up for the computer. How am I supposed to play classic video games without speakers? Someday, this room will have a network server, serve video to the living room next door, a liquor cabinet, some seating space for guests, and another television. Why the delay? Read on.

We purchased the new house without selling the old one. Stop your whining or laughing, or whatever other snickering you are doing. We wanted to be able to work on the new house before we moved in, and then work on the old house before we sell it. That seemed like a good idea at the time.

We started out by painting the bedroom of our new house. The old color was light green, sort of the color of toothpaste when you spit it out. We picked out a nice green (I am sure Mrs. Alphageek will correct my color description) and began to paint. I will say I like the color but what happened to paints covering in one coat? I guess the low VOC paints just don't cover as well anymore. Oh well, I will call the house "environmentaly friendly" when we sell the house. We also decided to paint the dining room. We selected what we thought was a mild yellow, but the yellow was louder than a 1974 AMC Gremlin! Before I could have flashbacks to my parents house, which had a bunch of yellow rooms at one time, Mrs. Alphageek returned the paint for a more mild option. The new buttercream (light yellow for the color impaired such as me) looks pretty good, and does not scream at you when the lights are on.

We hired some movers to move everything in. I thought the movers were pretty good. At least one of them was a former WVU football player, so he was a pretty big guy. They made moving the big stuff look easy. They are a local outfit and are willing to move some things that the big guys won't. So, when the handle tore off of a bag and the contents spilled all over the ground, I decided it was best to pretend I was on my phone. The movers also lectured the satellite installation guys about taking off their shoes when entering a house, fearing the movers, and not the satellite guys, would get blamed for any dirt on the carpet. I again decided to let these guys work it out while I ran outside.

So, everything is moved. We have spent the last several weekends over at the old house, doing all kinds of work to get the house on the market. The only one I will mention is paint. I don't like low VOC paint anymore. Can someone give me coverage in one coat?

We are hoping to get the old house on the market shortly. When that happens, you will get some updates on a more regular basis. I noticed this web site got slim last year and it is the Alphageek's pledge to bring you more original content this year. Maybe I will do a series of articles on this new office and all of the cool stuff in it. Until next time, why not leave some questions on the feedback portion?