Another thing...

These are a couple more random thoughts, after a relaxing bourbon. They are a ps to the previous post, so you should go read it first, or this post will probably not make very much sense.

Moving can be a great way to find out some new things. For instance, who knew that washers and dryers were so much bigger these days? The laundry that used to take four or five loads is now done in three. Of course, this assumes that you just don't make even more dirty laundry before doing the wash. I guess you could always buy more underwear, but that trick doesn't work very well anymore. Now, I just run out of shirts or socks too.

Every house has its quirky little things. You move and hope that you won't have any of quirks in the new place. Sort of like a first date when you think everything is going to be great. Then, reality sets in. I have noticed a few quirks so far. The basement has a small room to walk through before going to the large room. There is a light switch only near the stairs for this small room, away from the large room. You have to decide if you want that light on or off when you get to the end of the stairs. I am a little concerned about what is going to happen when the basement is dark and you want the light in the small room off. I see a flashlight in the future. Hey, maybe I will buy "the clapper", and I don't mean a disease either.

The toilets are weird too. You better hold that handle down for a few extra seconds when flushing "solid material".

Who puts an uninsulated garage door in a house, when the garage is next to living space? I guess the people who built our house.

Just a few of life's mysteries that will never be solved.