Alphageek Art Studios

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The Alphageeks recently moved into a new house. One of the advantages of the new house is that there is now an art studio in the basement. Well, art studio might be pushing it. After all, it is really a space where I am allowed to spill paint without getting in trouble.

Shown here is my second attempt at the same painting as before. Some things went better than others, but overall I think it is better. I had some trouble with the happy trees, but the bushes were much improved. You can click on the picture itself to see my comments on the picture. If you have a flickr account, you can even add your own comments!

This time, I tried something new. Two other artists joined me in interpreting this picture. While I was interested in copying Bob Ross's vision of this picture, they each added their own interpretation to the painting. It was incredibly fun to have several guest artists join me. They were very patient, even when we only had one knife and had to wait on each other to paint.

You can click here to see Hannah's picture.

You can click here to see Emma's picture.

I am quite pleased with the results because in all three cases, you can tell what we are painting. I will take that as success given that the only art training I have is from watching some tv shows and reading a piece of paper that came with the kit. Emma and Hannah also showed me another way to paint trees, proving that these kind of paintings are pretty hard to mess up.

Try your own painting today. Just go buy the kit. Stay tuned for more pictures because a new book arrived in the mail the other day.