Cool Cordless Phone

I was out shopping the other day with Mrs. Alphageek.  We wandered by some cordless telephones, and I noticed that the phone said something cool on the box: bluetooth.  I thought bluetooth would just let me use a headset with the phone, so I passed.

I was at home enjoying some Wild Turkey Rare Breed and I decided to research the phone and see what the blueetooth was about. It is made by Vtech (great name) and is a model DS6322-3.  It turned out that there were some really interesting aspects.  If you are looking for a through review of the phone, I suggest using looking the thing up on google.  If you want to hear about some cool features that other phones don't have, pour yourself a bourbon, or you favorite drink, and read on.

The bluetooth feature allows the syncing of a cell phone through the base of the cordless phone to all of the cordless phones that come in the kit (three come in the kit) and that you choose to purchase, up to twelve total handsets.  You simply sync your cell phone, via blue tooth, to the base unit.  Now, one phone system will answer up to three phones in your house!   That's right, you can sync two cell phones to the base unit at any time. 

This system offers several advantages, at least that I can think of.  The first one is you can place the base unit and your cell phone where ever you get the best cell coverage, and still use all of the phones everywhere in the house, maximizing the cell phone location and giving you the flexibility to use the cell phone without carrying it around and risking walking into a bad location in the house.

The second is that the base unit will allow you to download your cell phone  contact list into the entire cordless phone system.  That's right, no more re-entering your phone numbers into this new cordless phone system!  While not quite as convenient as my blackberry, it is much improved over older systems.

The last advantage I am going to write about is savings.  You can use this phone and combine it with your cell phone minutes.  We have not had long distance service since we moved, and this new phone system makes long distance needs a thing of the past.  I know we always have minutes left over at the end of the month, so this is a great way to use those minutes, and not pay those stupid long distance fees that verizon charges.

Oh, and it has an answering machine too.  It does not combine your cell voice mail with your home answering machine.

I hope you enjoyed your bourbon.  I would encourage you to leave comments, but history has shown only about six people know how to do that and the rest get confused.