Wildlife Camera

Wildlife Camera
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This is going to be a relatively rare: a quick hitting post. See what you think.

I was recently admiring a friend's wildlife pictures. The Retired Lawman inspired me to go find one of these game cameras and see what I could do. I did what any geek would do: I drove to Gander Mountain and purchased a game camera.

I got it home and thought "Where am I going to set this thing up?" I thought about doing what I always do: look up the answer on google. I decided that I would try to use my own skills this time.

I scouted out what looked like a location with foot traffic. I took a half piece of bread and threw it on the ground, strapped the camera to the tree and left it alone. The next day, I checked, and I had the top of a raccoon's head. I decided I could do better.

I aimed the camera at the ground and used the other half of the piece of bread. You will have to watch the video on this page, as well as click this link to see the entire video collection. Yes, a collection. I won't be hitting you with these anymore, but bear with me this one time and go take a look. I am pretty sure you will find it interesting.

I wish to send a thanks out to the Retired Lawman for his assistance in this project. It would not have happened without his inspiration and advice.