Evan Williams Cherry Reserve

This was supposed to be a quick post. Quick did not happen.

I tried a new photo program on my droidx. I was going to take the picture and write the blog all on the phone. I wanted to know if I could, in case I ever wanted to to blog from my phone somewhere.

It is a good thing I tried it at home first. The writing went smoothly, but the upload crashed the blogger app. I had to dump all of the data and start over.

In this picture, you can see that I did something unusual: I post processed it. This effect is built right into the app, Vignette, that I downloaded. I think vignette took a decent enough picture, considering the free version only does 0.8 mega pixels. As a side note, if you have an android phone and are willing to spend five bucks, vignette gives a little more control over the picture taking process on an android phone.

At any rate, on to my impressions. I opened this and it smelled like maraschino cherry juice and bourbon. I found it entirely too sweet when enjoyed over some ice in a rocks glass. I would stick with other cherry-bourbon products that are out there right now.

What do you think of the picture? Leave some feedback below and let me know. You might see some more posts, if I can get an app for the droidx that does not crash.