Devil's Cut

Well, it is a holiday weekend.  Not just any holiday, but the 4th of July.  The celebration of American Independence.  What better way to celebrate, than by enjoying something all American, like bourbon?  After all, bourbon was invented here in the USA.

Okay, I know what you are thinking.  What, no post here for months, and you just drop on in and start in like everything is normal?  Okay, so sue me.  I am literally running out of bourbon ideas.  The ones I do have seem to be food related, and are being saved for my new venture, Alphageek Talks Food.  I just have not been trying new bourbon as often, so not much has been happening here.  Sure, I could write some old stale jokes that Mrs. Alphageek is tired of hearing, but I am starting to run out of those.  I asked for ideas, but I am not getting much for the audience.

In an attempt to get right to it, I am going to start off by saying I don't know much about this bourbon, other than several people, including the helpful person at the ABC store, told me that this bourbon is made by extraction of bourbon from the barrels.  I guess I am okay with that, but at first read it sounds like an attempt to take something that was previously thrown away, and sell it as a product.  Sometime this kind of thing works, and sometimes it does not.  Pictured below is the bottle that I took a picture of, just for you.

Devil's Cut
Jim Beam Devil's Cut (click to enlarge)
First, I poured a little to try neat.  My first impression is: wow that is a strong smelling bourbon.  Not bad, but really strong, and I guess somewhat sweet too.  I take a sip, and the impression of strong continues.  I can't say it is bad, but it is like a concentration of bourbon, without the smooth element that I personally care for.  I decide to add an ice cube or two.  I let the ice melt for a minute or two, to see if some water might cut down the strong taste, and introduce some more smooth that I am always looking for in bourbon.  I take another sip, and am pretty sure I have never had a bourbon respond as dramatically as this one to a little ice.  While it cut the harshness, I am not sure I got the smooth I was looking to find.  Instead, I got something different.  Not bad, but different.  Think of it as concentrated, without the burning harsh bourbon sometimes has.

How would I recommend using this bourbon?  Use it in something that you would like to maintain the essence of bourbon in, without using large amounts.  I am pretty certain a little goes a long way.  Personally, this won't be something I buy another bottle of.  After all, not every bourbon can be the best.