Buffalo Trace White Dog

Recently, we went to one of my favorite liquor stores, Greens.  Greens is located in Greenville, SC, so at least it is easy to remember where the store is.  Well, at least what city is in.  I think there are Greens in other cities, but I can't remember.  See how helpful the Greens in Greenville is?

We stopped in, and I decided to get something unique, that I have never seen before, and review it, just for you.  Sure, I could have recycled some stuff, but I am the alphageek, and I don't recycle.  Well, I don't recycle writing.  The bottles always go in the recycling because Mrs. alphgeek says so.

This bottle caught my eye, because it lists all of the ingredients of bourbon, but is says nothing about being bourbon, or even whiskey, on the label.  It just says "Mash #1".  The label also says "corn, rye and malted barley".  I suspect this is what goes into the barrels.  I know I could look that up on google, but that would just be recycling someone else's work.  Do I recycle?

I decided this would be interesting to try, because of an experience I had while touring a distillery several years ago.  The tour guide passed around some jars, one of which had the liquor that goes into the barrels.  The liquor was clear and colorless   I decided that the alcohol would kill any germs, so I dunked my finger in and took a tasted.  What I tasted was recognizable as bourbon, but not very smooth, and no smokey taste, which seems obvious.  I wondered if Buffalo Trace White Dog would taste similarly?

I opened the bottle and beheld the aroma that is Buffalo Trace White Dog.  Much like my experience before, it has the hints of the smell of bourbon, but also (dare I say) moonshine.  At least, what I was told is moonshine.  I have never seen a still anywhere except a museum.  As I continue to smell, I notice that the aroma grows stronger toward the moonshine and less toward bourbon.

Buffalo Trace
Buffalo Trace White Dog (click to enlarge)

As I take a taste, my experience is much the same as before.  I recognize it as bourbon.  Well, I recognize the the liquor will become bourbon.  It is a somewhat harsh taste, but not bad.  Certainly, one notices right away that the proof is 125!  It is much stronger than many other drinks out there.  Imagine yelling SMOOOTH, and beating ones chest sort of strong.

While interesting to try, I am not sure Buffalo Trace White Dog is for everyone.  I would recommend it for a "bourbon person" that is looking to try something new. How about someone who only drinks for medicinal purposes? Better yet, you can come have a sip of mine, and save the expense.  Have something to say?  Why not leave some feedback?