Old Weller Antique

Things have been quiet over on this web site.  With all of the other projects going on in the alphageek world, this site needs a little love.  Tonight, that love arrives.

We are making some photographic upgrades.  This will be the last bottle shot with the old light setup.  The pictures are starting to look strange, when you can see the reflection of the camera in them.  The lights bouncing around don't help either.  If you zoom in on the picture like I did, you can clearly see reflections of just about everything in the glass.  We are going to take some steps to try to fix that.  We used this shot so that you can see just how hard getting a great shot is.  Or, you can ignore this rant.  Until that time, you will have to settle for the witty insight into bourbon.

Old Weller Antique Bourbon
Old Weller Antique (click to enlarge)
It was a good thing I zoomed in on this shot.  Despite the simple and straightforward labeling, that gives the basics about the bourbon, I noticed for the first time that this bourbon claims to be the "Original Wheated Bourbon".  Take a look at the bottom of the label, the writing is down there.  This is great, because I am usually a fan of wheated bourbon and whiskey.  I am going to crack this bottle open, and see just what I have here.

I pour a little in, and notice that it has a mild nose, not at all spicy.  I take a sip, and notice that it is very balanced and smooth.   This smoothness is remarkable, considering that it is 107 proof.  It breaks gently across my tongue, and goes down very easily.  I am debating if this bourbon even needs any ice.  A second sip does not clear the ice debate.  Deciding I can always have more bourbon, I add a single ice cube.  I wait a short period and try again.  The additional water from the ice melting surprisingly adds another layer of flavor.  The ice is a good thing to try with this mild, yet strong bourbon.  As usual, it is a wheated bourbon that appeals to the alphageek.  I would say this is one worth trying on your own,  but more so if you either like wheated bourbon, or are just looking for something smooth to sip while doing you favorite quiet activity.

There you have it, another expert review.  The next time you read a new review here, I hope to have some improved pictures.  Until then, tell us what you think in the comments section.