Other Red Stag Flavors

I received some Red Stag mini bottles as part of a holiday set in October.  Yes, I know it is no longer October, but I am posting this review anyway.  Don't like the rules?  Go start your own site.

Before I decided to enjoy the Red Stag Cherry, I decided to try out the two varieties  that were in the mini bottles.

I decided to try the Honey Tea. I was not really sure what to expect, but try it I will. I have to admit, Honey Tea just sounds like something to pass on.  Honey Tea and bourbon makes me think of cough syrup, which is not really what I am looking to sip while I am watching football on tv.

Red Stag Mini

Red Stag Honey Tea (click to enlarge)

I take a sip of the honey tea, and I am honestly not certain what the difference is between this, and the Red Stag Cherry. There is a little more of a bitter aftertaste, but not much else. I did not care for the bitter aftertaste, but you might be into that sort of thing.  There is that good Jim Beam taste, and a little hint of flavor, but not much more. Stick with the Cherry one so far.

Red Stag Mini

Red Stag Spiced with Cinnamon (click to enlarge)

Red Stag Spiced with Cinnamon is a little more interesting. It hits with that classic Jim Beam bourbon taste, and then finishes with some cinnamon, making for an interesting taste.  Since I like cinnamon, this one went down pretty well, especially in comparison to the Honey Tea.

I recommend the Spiced with Cinnamon, but I have to say stay away from the Honey Tea.  That funny aftertaste really just was not very good.  While the Cinnamon variety is a good drink, I am not sure I can recommend it over the Red Stag with Cherry.

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