Kopper Kettle

Usually, this site is purely about bourbon and bourbon only.  This is not the kind of site that posts other trendy liquors, like vodka.  There is plenty of press for stuff like vodka.  I even like vodka sometimes, but not on this site.  All bourbon, all the time.

This motto makes the article you are about to read difficult to place. Yet again, I have found one of those more than whiskey, less than bourbon liquors that are out there. The Kopper Kettle pictured below is one of those drinks. Big Dick picked up this bottle several years ago, when we toured the distillery where it is produced. You can read about our adventures at this link.  While I am on the subject, the distiller of the product here makes an appearance on the television show Moonshiners.  Before that show existed, Mr. Miller first appeared here on Alphageek's Thoughts.  He may have been on other sites, but I am a little jealous I don't get any credit.

Enough whining.  This is whiskey, that much is certain.  However, some charred chunks of wood have been added to the aging tanks, to give this a taste somewhat like bourbon.  I think he uses some applewood and some oak, because I purchased some used chunks of wood for my smoker while I was there.

So, I opened up the bottle and poured out a little taste. I found this to be a pleasant surprise. I was expecting harsh flavors, like I have received from other legal moonshines in the past. Kopper Kettle did not do that at all. Instead, it has a smooth, sophisticated flavor that goes down easily. No need to add peaches, or any of the other moonshine customs that are out there. Instead, you can enjoy this as you would enjoy a bourbon. While I did not try it, I imagine it would mix well in any bourbon or whiskey recipe.

Kopper Kettle
Kopper Kettle (click to enlarge)
While going through some old pictures, I found what I think is Kopper Kettle being made.  The bag shown in the picture below contains chunks of charred wood that flavor the whiskey.  I thought you might like to see the behind the scenes stuff that Moonshiners did not show you, but that I have here.

Virginia Moonshine
Chunks of Charred Wood (click to enlarge)

The next time you are considering a bourbon purchase, you might want to consider Kopper Kettle, bourbon or not.  It is a great flavor that you cannot get in any other liquor.