Make a Manhattan

In an earlier post, we tasted some bottled Manhattan.  This bottling has inspired an entire line of blog posts over on the companion site, alphageek talks food.  Since there was actually a question, we devote today's article to making a Manhattan.

Sure, you can google how to make a Manhattan.  There are a lot of opinions out there. This is our column, so this is our opinion. 

Ingredients are key to a good Manhattan.  First and foremost, you need bitters. Rather than go buy something exotic, get the classic: Angostura bitters.  You can get them at most grocery stores, and other places that can sell bar supplies. You need some whiskey. There is a lot of variety here, so I will cut down your options.  Get either some Jim Beam Rye, or some of your favorite bourbon. Get some sweet vermouth. Get the sweet vermouth at the grocery store too. Any sweet vermouth the grocery store has will make a great drink.

Technique is the next step. Half fill a rocks glass with ice. Add two shots of the Jim Beam Rye or bourbon.  Add one shot of the sweet vermouth. Add two dashes of the Angostura bitters. Stir everything up and taste. I cannot emphasize enough that these ratios are guidance only. For example, I use four dashes of bitters, not two. i then like to take out all of the ice, but one cube. Leave them all, or remove however many make you happy. I think the drink should be cold, so I leave a cube in.

After you get what you like, you might want to consult google to find variations. Don't forget to enjoy!