Wild Turkey Spiced

The Holidays are over, but the bounty known as trips to ABC store are continuing to pay off. This is the primary season for review of lovely gifts from the past month or so.  Up today is Wild Turkey Spiced.

This site is dedicated to original content, so we just sip and review. None of this researching what the bourbon is for or anything like that. Google is how you can find other opinions.


Now that we have the picture out of the way, there is really not much to tell. After opening, we took a sip, and did not get much in the way of spice, with one exception.  There was a little more vanilla flavor present than usual, for a bourbon. The bourbon was a mild and smooth version of Wild Turkey, that went down well. I would suggest trying this in some sort of mixed drink that would appreciate a little extra kick of spice, such as a bourbon and cola or a Manhattan. We would have tried one of those, but we only purchased a mini bottle, and we probably won't purchase anymore.