Bourbon from Virginia?

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Google has started to shut down some of their services, such as the rss reader.  This has caused the alphageek to become concerned that google could shut down something like blogger, which the alphageek has been using to host this and other blogs for years. Do a search on google graveyard if you doubt your alphageek. This concern made now the right time to just go and grab a new web site, that is actually under control of the alphageek.  You might notice that there are multiple tabs up top there for multiple blogs.  Guess what?  There will be even more changes to come.  After all, you can't use omnigeek with only two blogs.

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Bowman Brothers Pioneer Spirit (Click for entire image)

The hardest thing to get right is the title of this stuff.  Rather than try and make another mistake, how about you just click on the image and see for yourself?  Really, you should click and see the cool background on the label too.

Maybe the alphageek has a bias against Bowman products because  Bowmans makes Virginia Gentleman as well.  The alphageek hears that wahoos drink Virginia Gentleman, and that might be reason enough to avoid these guys.  However, the alphageek also lives just a few miles away, and feels he should not deny himself the rare opportunity to sample and enjoy a local product.  After all, almost all bourbon is made in Kentucky, and not the fine Commonwealth of Virginia.  After a trip to ABC store, the alphageek holds the bottle that you see in the picture, and the bottle is really cool.

So, I started with a little pour.  The aroma is pretty good, dare I say excellent?  While mrs. ag felt it smelled like any bourbon, the hint of oak was intriguing.  I quickly found that the aroma of this bourbon is simply intoxicating.  I took a little sip, and decided right away that the bias against Bowmans would have to end right away.  The bourbon is very smooth with a hint of oak.  While some people may not like that oak hint, the alphageek finds it nearly intoxicating.  The usual sampling method of one ice cube, yields flavors that are more subtle than usual for bourbon.  A little of everything that makes bourbon great is in there.  Sure, I could say things like vanilla and so forth, but if you don't know your basic bourbon, you probably stopped reading after the third sentence.  

alphageek's bottom line:  although the wahoo bias may continue, any bias against Bownans has to end now.  Run out and get some of this great bourbon today.