36TH Vote Barreled Manhattan

Manhattans?  While the alphageek sometimes drinks a Manhattan, it is not usually something that the alphageek seeks out.  The drink just does not usually excite the alphageek, and certainly does not inspire excitement.

That feeling has changed.

Enter 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan.  This bottle contains an already made Manhattan concoction.  To top things off, it is made with rye whiskey rather than bourbon.  The alphageek has tried rye before and did not like rye.  This new drink is something you should seek out.  It was so good, one of the rules was broken, and I researched the drink online.  Short version: they mix the Manhattan and age it in an oak barrel.

The first sip exploded with sweet and delicious flavor.  To say that this drink is smooth is more than an understatement, smooth would not be far enough.  There are more flavors here than I have the words to describe.

I used to say I was not a Manhattan kind of guy.

I used to say I was not a rye kind of guy.

I might be a 36TH Vote Barreled Manhattan kind of guy.

Below, is the person who said I could try this incredible drink with him, Big Dick.  Its okay, he said I can call him Big Dick.  I think his picture pretty much sums everything up.

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