Kenney's in Lexington, VA

This restaurant is quite the find. Kenney's... as mrsalphageek read the name and description, I began to slowly remember a restaurant by that name as a youngster. Yes, burgers and chicken and great prices. I used to like to eat there, but then it just sort of fades from memory.

Well, there is still a Kenney's out there. Right in Lexington, VA. The reviews said that we would find the same great food that I remembered from my youth. That was enough for us, and we got off of the interstate for a little food adventure.

The second we found the building, I recognized some of the features. The sign is probably original material, and there are some floor mats that I recognized right away. Yes, this is indeed a slice of the past. 

The menu was simple and straightforward. It consisted mostly of burgers, chicken and other sides one would expect. Judging by the great aroma, one could not go wrong ordering anything on the menu. All of the online reviews mentioned the great biscuits, so we knew we were going to get some great biscuits.

After a quick review of the menu, I ordered a Sauce Burger, and mrsalphageek ordered a chicken dinner that comes with those great biscuits and she added some mac and cheese and green beans.

The sauce burger is simple food done right. In the days where it seems every burger has to have double digit ingredients and a price to match, this burger is less than $2 and delivers taste with the great meat, and a custom variant on a BBQ sauce. The onion rings are nearly perfect and the onion doesn't slide out of the breading because of the perfect cooking.

I took one look at the chicken and was instantly jealous. It looked great and smelled even better. Mrsalphageek reported that is was great, freshly fried, not greasy but still crispy. I finally got to eat a little of the breast, and can report that it was some of the best fried chicken I have had in a while. The juiciness was incredible for something fried. However, Mrsalphageek reports that the green beans are nothing special. The mac and cheese was creamy and smooth and disappeared quickly.

The biscuits that we read so much about. They were something between a biscuit and a donut hole, as other reviewers we read about mentioned.  The biscuits are great with the honey provided. Go for it and get a few biscuits when you are there.

Another little pointer we picked up is to call in ahead of time. We noticed lots of folks stopping by to pick up a chicken order, so keep that in mind if you are really hungry. This is a great place to go, even if you don't remember Kenney's.

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