Redemption Wheated Bourbon

Wheated Bourbon might become a big thing. I read somewhere that the Pappy Van Winkle line is a wheated Bourbon. Since folks seen to be willing to pay considerable sums to purchase Van Winkle it makes sense that other distillers might also make a wheated Bourbon to cash in on the folks with money to burn on Bourbon. I know I purchased Redemption for the wheated and so you can read this review.


Nose: the aroma has a mild noise that does not burn when deeply inhaled. I get mostly oak and vanilla. A very pleasant aroma and mild for something at 96 proof.

Sip: up front Redemption is mild as it draws in.

Taste: the oak takes over gently. Some might not like the oak, but I do.

Finish: gentle.

This is a gentle, oak heavy drink. If you desire to purchase Redemption, you should keep this in mind. After all, it is not everyday you can buy Redemption. Come on, your saw that coming?