Giant ice cubes

Big Ice Cube

Big Ice Cube

See the picture above? That is one big ice cube. I thought about the post being pretty much the above picture and not anything else. After all, the post is a simple one: have a big piece of ice to enjoy with bourbon. As I thought about the concept of a picture only post, I decided at least a few words were in order.

This is not a scientific statement: big ice cubes make bourbon taste better. Perhaps it is the ritual of placing a large chunk of ice in a rocks glass and pouring just enough bourbon in to cover the ice that takes the experience from a simple drink to another level. The drink starts as a strong expression of bourbon in the beginning. As the ice melts, the drink mellows until an almost delicious water at the end, if one is patient. However, one can sip quickly to enjoy the strong taste that is pure, chilled bourbon.

The hydration at the end is there, if one cares about staying hydrated, but you can always just drink water too.

You make this kind of ice in a giant ice cube mold. Go do a search and order one on Amazon. After all, I don’t get paid anything if you order from Amazon. Order some an enjoy a great experience.